Trump Jump: Splat Trump W/ Tacos

What is this game? "It's a liberal plot." A satirical poke at Donald Trump's Mexican border wall plans, (and hate in general.)



  • Press "W" or "touch screen" to go up, (release to go down.)
  • Tacos fire automatically. They knock Trump away. That's good.
  • Avoid swastikas.
  • +1 point for each wall.
  • There are tricks for you to figure out too.

Hm. Why Did I Make This?

To poke fun at some lame shit. Its gotten worse since I started the project. Racism is growing. People are divided. Hate crimes are up an obscene amount. That's not counting Donald Trump, leader of the free world.

I can't process that with a straight face. It's more absurd than everything else we face in a day—and life was pretty absurd to begin with.

What Did I Use?

The support of friends... but the game was built in Unity, a game development engine. I used a programming language called C#. Photoshop was used for graphics.