On Winter Rain and Choosing To Suffer

Without an umbrella, the rain is very wet. And on a day like this one, the rain is also VERY COLD. In such rain, one finds great opportunity for suffering or joy. It's a choice.

 "It's Sprinkling Outside" by Matt Vaillette

"It's Sprinkling Outside" by Matt Vaillette

A form of theater is involved; The role of the average person is filled. "No one in their right mind would enjoy this rain!" One may play along, suffering, battling each raindrop as if it were a lost love.

The pain is optional. There's a titillating joy in cold rain, screeching breaks, or the checkout line at a grocery store. Not to say I prefer these things, but I often enjoy them. *cough* Got a ways to go before cold brings me great joy, hehe.

When an adult stomps around in puddles, wearing yellow rain boots—others look on with envy. Some realize they no longer want to fill the role of the average adult. They get boots of their own, and the world is changed.