On Walking Past People, And Money

One walks past many; Some look; Others look down. In that moment, how many had the same thought? Feared the same fear? A few each day, in stride.

Beneath society, economics, and other crap influence—we are human. Civilized animals with unmet needs; Pain manifests. Some make it better. Some make it worse. It hurts. Even the so-called "degraded rich" suffer—perhaps more profoundly. They've trained themselves to find happiness in an empty ditch.

Money is great... for a moment; The goods last longer than the feeling. Everything has a price. More sacrifice than gain; Value goes elsewhere.

We built this world, in all its glory. We're throwing it away... for someone else. All because of a dopamine hit. Fraction of a second, then a sink. More common than caffeine, and there's the havoc.

Distractions aside, we can agree on what matters; These distractions are convenient.