Video: Me Drawing 6 Portraits at 16x Speed

Watch me draw 6 colorful pieces in Photoshop at 16x speed.

Ok. This video is me drawing 6 portraits in Photoshop. They're unplanned, and I'm in the middle of an anxiety attack (complete with tremors in my hands.) I just kept drawing... but the experience was very different.


The process took longer, but it's probably more interesting to watch because I do a lot of back and forth. You can see me think, in a way, and I normally don't think. ;) I usually just pick a direction.

Cost of Anxiety

I enjoy these illustrations, but the anxiety really shows. Artistic confidence is important—and I can tell I muddled with these a bit much.

Erasing more doesn't help... at all. You can see I flopped around a lot on the 2nd to last one, "People are messy." (good name?) Overall I felt pretty directionless and it took me a while to find a good spot for each piece.

Working Through The Pain

Between my health, and my rustiness, I really need to keep at it. If I don't draw just because I'm in pain, or rusty, or "off", I will never draw at all.

I have to dig myself out of this hole—not so my artwork will be better—but so I'll feel better and enjoy it more.

Here are the images: