Unspoken, or Unheard? Love and Conflict.

Sandwiched between fear and love. <3 There are things we're afraid to say. When one has struggled a lot, much remains unspoken. No one listened. Behind a cipher, feelings can exist safely in plain sight.

A healing space (a crutch.)

 "My Secret Garden" by Matt Vaillette

"My Secret Garden" by Matt Vaillette

But hiding creates reason for more hiding. Curiosity fills in the worst...and today we needn't new reasons to be paranoid. Division, planted. Reality, bent. Trust has been eroded. And many watch too intently.

Coming from struggle, and in the current world, I find myself paranoid at times. And I'm on the more rational end of hoomans. I can sort it out, make sense of it... but,

We sure live in fucked up times.

 "Desperate Plea" by Matt Age 3

"Desperate Plea" by Matt Age 3

But to place the blame on one is absurd. To vilify, as if we still live in tribes. We must deny our programming. The relationship has certainly been shattered. Many of us know why. But what peace can we find, and how?

Sometimes the distance is too great—and it's best to forget (with an open mind) in order to not wither the heart with conflict.

And when possible, say "I love you". Don't forget the hugs, either.