Ugly Art (and Last Night's Struggles)

See the ugly art I made one night!

I felt like crap last night. I keep dissociating and getting motion sickness. When I finally got into my art I decided to do something different.

"meow meow meow" a scribbly childlike drawing of a cat.

This cat is a resurrection of my older visual style. Lots more impromptu scribbling than is normal for me. And it gets much freakier than this.

Each new artwork is meant to be uglier than the last. The goal is visual impact not beauty.

"channel your inner ug"-ly
Welcome to the scene of some ugly art!

I marched on—feeling like garbage. Intent on expressing the horribleness of the evening.

"drop but not like all the others" by Matt Vaillette

The rules are different when all you care about is visual impact. New color combinations and shapes become horribly optimal!

"Pollution-tastic" is an ugly drawing.

It's easy to express all the horrors of the world like this. I can't look away from this train-wreck!

"jester and reality" is hopefully not what jesters really look like.

I once had this goal: Get people to love my art even though the individual elements are bad. And it happened. People told me so:

"I wanted to hate your art... but I had to keep looking. I love it!"

You'll want to hate the next one.

"Ugly love", digital (photoshop), 2015 by Matt Vaillette

Even if I do have an eye for the hideous I was drawn back towards this imagery:

"woman 203b" and improvised portrait drawing by Matt Vaillette

It's more typical of me. It is a bit more lively though... but not so much that it gouges my eyes.

Good Exercise

This was a great creative exercise. It got me through the night. I still feel icky but at least I have a silly way to cope,

By creating hideous art.

Which was your favorite?

Tell me in the comments!