Mixed Media Portrait of a Tense Girl

Mixed media portrait with materials, 2016

Come see one of my portrait drawings!

I created

this mixed media portrait on Saturday. She looks like a tense gal, but the subtle hearts suggest she's kind too!

I drew her with blue, yellow, and black oil pastels—black pen too. It all happened on paper (6x8 inches.)

Once I find my mat cutter (we just moved) I'll be reducing the image to about 5x7 inches and getting the drawing into an 8x10" frame.

Thanks for looking! Keep a look out for some fine art auctions over on facebook (like this one .)

An odd mixed media drawing of a girl
Matt Vaillette, 2016

Make Something!

It doesn't take much to create visual art. Go gather some supplies (any supplies) and draw/paint/sculpt something!