Speaking Indirectly, What is Hidden? [Artwork]

The perception of a secret is often more powerful than that secret. I'm a rascal artist, and I love you. (I'm a good rascal.)

People see something spoken indirectly, censored, or hidden, and they just have to know. The imagination starts cranking away. Think, think, think, THINK!

This is what I like most about poetry... and the aesthetic of visual ciphers.

So ... what is it?

What is being hidden?

Why is it hidden? Why would anyone need to hide anything? What does it say of our world? Of technology? Of... power?

Some of you might toil away, trying to figure out what is contained in my art (I extra love you.) A few of you might get a glimpse, or even figure me out.

But most importantly, answer the questions I'm asking. For you.

... and pay attention to all those wonderful opportunities... where you can help someone! ;)