I'm Doing Physical Media Drills in Digital Media Tools [Art]

Read about some simple drills I did with Art Rage to practice for physical media art.

I love mixed media but I never had good habits for dealing with wet paint. I'm using Art Rage (PC) to simulate paints and break down the process. I don't need real paint to do this.

It's pretty simple: I draw as I normally do in Photoshop and then use the drawings as references for Art Rage paintings. Art Rage has simulated paints that mix together and can be dry or wet.

I plan on using my digital art as references for mixed media work, so this is a good place to start. Eventually I'll go back to unplanned mixed media art.

My Goals:

  • Mantain my artistic style
  • Know what to paint first
  • Remembering what is wet
  • Knowing when to let everything dry.
  • Be able to put art down when needed. I'm impatient. ;)

Sounds simple right? But I don't want standard painting wisdom. I want to internalize specialized approaches that'll eventually let me paint freely (without a plan.)

More Paintings

This one is called "An android speaking about the nature of artificial chickens", 2016. The Photoshop drawing is at the bottom.

As you see the reference drawing is a rough guide. Nothing is set in stone, and I'm very loose with the brush (as I am with real brushes!)

Why Art Drill With Digital Media?

The skills I'm most bad at can be practiced more quickly in ArtRage. I can run through the process 10-20 times faster and feel comfortable (Being comfortable is important when learning.) 

It only works well because I don't need realistic paints, brushes, and canvas to improve on what I'm focusing.

Thanks for the look!

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