On Suffering and Cutlery

Suffering is a fork. We choose anger or love. It shapes us.

Most of my life, I chose love. But I was mistreated, beaten, blamed, and used. I turned to anger, doing my best to still treat others' kind. Still, others noticed the change. I was not glowing!

 "A Forking Challenge" by Matt Vaillette

"A Forking Challenge" by Matt Vaillette

In time it was clear: The love I'd shown was not only spiritually protective, but made many friends who would go on to help me conquer great struggles. Things no one person can defeat.

2017 was a year of great suffering, fear, and growth. The best, and worst year of my life. As the year turns—I'm facing more big challenges. But here's to the kinder side of things! Cheers!!! :)