On Reality and Distinction

Words are replacing reality. There are many reds—but "red" refers to one color in your mind. We suffer the same when we type anything—even the weather. Many are opting into this blindness.

 "You're Special (Duality)" by Matt Vaillette

"You're Special (Duality)" by Matt Vaillette

We've convinced each other to see but two shades of gray. The world is not so bland, even to those who see no hues. A fragile line in the sand—waiting patiently to be brushed away by lashes. Good and Evil are as shaky as the minds that cook up such nonsense.

Both claim legitimacy at the expense of the other. This is not only inefficient, but illogical. Without black, there is no white; One's entire identity is based on distinction. Erasing differences weakens one's pride in who they are.

A bee needn't love a flower, only trust it, for both to benefit.