On Enlightenment and Self-Sabotage

A short piece on the perils and necessity of seeing more clearly.

"Awakening, Growth (d)" by Matt Vaillette

"Awakening, Growth (d)" by Matt Vaillette

Many believe enlightenment to be a pleasant experience. One can find pure joy, and love. More often, it is destabilizing. To see further, one must see greater suffering; Be aware of greater perils. Even understand, beyond normal means, the inherent meaninglessness of life.

It takes time to recover, to rebuild after these experiences. But what is lost is something that did not work, and never would. It holds oneself back, and prevents growth. Surely, people die of old age, with shriveled hearts; It happens every day.

One who self-sabotages will find, they either hit rock bottom at some point—or die a slow miserable death. Why suffer longer than you need to? 

Tend to the wound, even if it hurts—and it does hurt.