On Balance, Division, and Honey Bees

I dream of a world—where good deeds are the only secrets kept. Where people are only targeted with generosity. And conspiracies are silly pranks which brighten everyone's day.

 "Trust is Essential" drawing by Matt Vaillette

"Trust is Essential" drawing by Matt Vaillette

This is not unrealistic. One may cling to a sense of being small, alone, helpeless. In making small changes, one brings balance to their space. Onlooking bees, voting on how the hive will act—making the collective wiser. This interplay is apparent throughout the universe, regardless of how helpless one feels.

But to act alone, to be fearful, to be reactive—or divided—is to make humanity stupid. When we listen we grow as individuals, and as a group.

Table thoughts of morality for a moment... And ask, throughout the day, "What will bring balance?" The solution is often not found by "right or wrong" thinking. The world is not so simple, and we all are fools for believing it is.

Many b elieve they would do whatever it takes—then take on impossible efforts. Talk of "victory", (a short lived reality.) A balance is sweeter, and lasts longer. Trust.