Bidding Open for Art Auction #2

Come see about my second art auction!

Update January 15: The bidding for this item has begun on my facebook page!!!

My second art auction begins on my facebook page tomorrow, January 15th! The first was a lot of fun; Be there!!

An illustrated scene of the auction!

The art

This framed painting shows a socially fearful person. It's very meaningful to me; I have severe social anxiety. Even when I feel confident it can come out of nowhere and flip my life upside down!

A framed painting depicting a socially anxious person. By Matt Vaillette, 2015.


  • 4.5x6.5" mixed media on paper,
  • in a beautiful old reclaimed frame measuring 9x11"
  • with a 7.5x9.5" frame opening
  • signed and dated "Matt Vaillette 10/9/15"

Auction Rules

The first auction was a lot of fun so I'm not changing much!

  • $3 starting bid.
  • Please stick to $1 or more bid increments!
  • Auction starts Friday morning
  • and ends at 7~ PM

How To Bid

  • I'll create an auction post on my facebook page.
  • Announce your bids in the comments.
  • On auction closing the highest bidder wins!

Want more info? Check out the first auction post—or ask me questions !

What You Pay

If you win: you pay your bid and any shipping fees!

Come Say Hi on Auction Day!!

It's a fun time! Come chat. Placing bids is optional!