On Meddling and Pointless Rationality

Like pouring gasoline on fire, thinking it's water—and then retrieving more. You are correct, "it's a liquid", but it's not gonna dowse! Like tic-tac-toe, or stupid rules... they may be valid, and fighting over them is bananas!

 "This Shit is Bananas (Singular)" by Matt Vaillette

"This Shit is Bananas (Singular)" by Matt Vaillette

One may be able to write a Lit essay with a calculator. Life is still not a math quiz. To go around answering questions for others... we're all C+ students at BEST. But we meddle. No wonder so many people ignore the test and make fart noises.

There will always be toddlers throwing tantrums—but one doesn't wait for a law to pass banning them. They never found happinessHelp them out.

An enemy is the worst thing one can have.