How I Came To Draw Colorful Portraits.

A drawing of a happy woman by Matt Vaillette, 2016.

Before 2012 I was a lost, sick artist. Art sometimes healed me, but usually it made me upset. One day I asked the question:

"How do I make visual art a healing force?"

I became an inventor of creative process. I made up many processes, and used data tables to rate them subjectively. This alone didn't find a solution, but it helped.

Later, I had two hunches. First, improvised work would be best (I'm obsessive, and planning is too much.) Second, digital media is ideal for improvisation.

I invested a good sum in a Wacom tablet. Soon after, I had found well-being in scribbling up lots of colorful people.

How did you find your current creative path? Are you still searching?