Art is great, but it feels empty right now. [hate & politics]

Art is valuable. I won't deny that. And creating art helps me.

But right now there's too much shit going on in the world. In our communities. Hate, racism, and murder.

People are cutting what binds us together.

Everything feels so empty—even creative expression. Sure, with it I can send a great message. Maybe change a mind.

But it feels meaningless, even if it isn't.

There's this constant discomfort. It's not fear. Sure, I'm of a vulnerable group; It's not that though.

Others are on the front line. They are targets of hate crimes. They are shot at by police for marching against hate. They're bullied at school. Beaten up. Ridiculed. No one chooses it.

So when I sit down to draw, I feel nothing. Why should I? All we hold dear has been marginalized by hatred and violence.

How do you cope with all the vitriol around you?