Fixing Stuff, Distractions, and Rorschach

Rorschach anyone? Throughout my life, I've had to bury a lot in my mind. Things I couldn't fix alone. Too icky to cope with consciously. I hid, and I subsisted. Problems piled up, inside and out.

Misery? Misery.

 "Do You See?" by Matt Vaillette

"Do You See?" by Matt Vaillette

Walking along the edge of a flat world.

Burying fears made it impossible to enjoy a simple moment. Hiding, without remembering what you've hidden from. A perpetual escape cycle; Reverberation of fear; Outside influence; Continuous nudging.

But there was no escape, nor resolution. I COULDN'T fix it. All I could do was hide, run, and stay alive.

Perpetual Distraction

"It's the pill you don't need to reach for." One doesn't need trashy magazines or cell phones to dissociate.  How many are chronically distracted? How many feel disconnected? Yeah.

It's easy. And it helps for a moment. By the next, the bear comes knocking, and your problems are back. It doesn't stop. And Sometimes she brings friends.


I fancy myself a good problem solver.

Can't out-think a problem? Your subconscious will probably deal with it. Or if it can't, it'll try. And try. And try. Any try. Overloaded. And before that epiphany, you might be miserable a while.

Sometimes, you just need friends to help you out.