Last Night, I Found My Pixel Art Style!

Pixel man cheering for kindness & love!

I needed a break from drawing, so last night I made pixel art.

My main problem with pushing pixels—has been finding a style I like. Something chunky, (ie fewer pixels,) that's expressive, colorful, and humorous.

I wasn't sure I could do it because I hadn't seen it done... until last night!


"The king in his royal pajamas", chunky pixel art by artist Matt Vaillette.

I came across Twitter user @ryohtarot ... who had a few expressive 32x32 px artworks posted. (And then I was inspired.)

I went on a pixel art spree. People, aliens, dogs, cats... a funny chicken, space stuff, and so on.


An alien explorer of a pixel planet.

I feel like I've bridged a gap between my drawing style and pixel art style. I had a good creative flow going last night too.

My tools? A computer, mouse, and Photoshop... though there are free options that work perfectly (and some mobile apps as well.)

You should try it. Have you ever made pixel art?