Everyday Actions As Art; Donating to Charity

Art changes the world.

What if we thought of our actions as artistic statements? Would some of us be more deliberate, and kind? Would we help each other more?

Years ago I pondered what it would mean to "live a life as art." I came to the conclusion that art doesn't begin or end on a canvas, or print. It's woven into every corner of humanity, and life.


30% of Profits to Charity

Anyways, I'm back to donating to charity; 30% of art profits go to a local food pantry.

In my opinion, the statement is more important than the money. I'm just one person. But everybody influences everybody. So a few good deeds become many!

Or one bad deed becomes many.

It's a reminder that yes, we can be better. So go for it!

Wanna Buy A Print?

Right now my prints are one of a kind (1 of 1 edition) and $35 for an 8x10" giclee print. A steal! You get the only one! ;)

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