Ugly Little Hate Machine: Donald Drumpf the Vile

Read about my unforgiving thoughts on about Donald Trump.

I don't hate Donald Trump. Everyone has a story that put them where they are... but bigots are still bigots, even when they're skillful manipulatorsHe's a racist idiot with loads of fools behind him. Why would he need to learn about equality?

Illustration of Donald Trump—an egotistical fascist with stubby fingers and a small penis.

I Fear his Foolish Followers

I don't fear Drumpf though. There are always lone racist bullies lurking; The year 2016 is no different. What I fear are the masses who bite his not-so-cleverly baited hooks. The desperate. Lifelong bullies. The neo-Nazis. There are many fools on planet Earth.

As he once said: He could shoot a man without losing voters. If that is true (and it may be) his voters are clearly deluded. When he runs out of're next. It doesn't matter if you're black, white, Mexican, Muslim, poor, rich, disabled, or otherwise. 

Bullies (and fascists) need targets; Everyone is a potential target in a Drumpf-lead America.

Illustration of Drumpf, the man to bring together able-bodied Caucasian males.

After supporting different beatings at his rallies ("He deserved what he got")—Trump recently claimed to be the man to bring together the American people. A group so torturously divided that we need a Narcissist calling out the targets and a man giving illegal military orders for torture.

He may even WANT to bring "US" (note the quotes.) together. "Us" meaning Caucasian males who wants to lick his money stacks. I get the feeling though... that only the most privileged of privileged fools will be invited to that VIP lounge to be exploited. 

The rest of us will burn.