Christmas On My Terms <3

Celebrating Christmas in by my quiet self! :D

 "What A Beautiful Christmas" a poem by Matt Vaillette

"What A Beautiful Christmas" a poem by Matt Vaillette

Oh, what a beaut-iful Christmas! I spent the day alone, in quiet solitude. Ate the same food as normal. Went for a walk with a mug of coffee. Most of the sidewalks weren't shoveled, and no one was out. A peaceful walk.

I'm gonna remember this one!

Christmas on my terms. I never like exchanging gifts on holidays, so I was happy to receive no material thingies. The walk, the food, was enough. No rushing all around. No catching people's colds, or gossip, or any other noise.

My Christmas gift to myself was finishing most of the framing for an upcoming show. I have one more piece, and a little writing—then my mind (and schedule) will be clear!

Hope your holidays went well. Enjoy all the nice moments left in 2017!!!