I Had a Relaxing Time Painting this Bag! ♥♥♥

I had a chill time painting this tote bag. Check it out!

Yesterday I painted this (one side of it.) It was nice and relaxing. A good time to think about life and other projects.

A painted cloth tote bag by Matt Vaillette, 2015

I went for more "art" than "fashion". I wanted it to be two artistic compositions on a bag; Something you'd hang on a wall but wouldn't necessarily wear.

I figured it would appeal to a different crowd than my recent painted bags. They're much more orderly than this. One might be one on my shop.

It was fun to scribble and let go. I did a number of physical media artworks yesterday and they had me scribbling away as well. I enjoy a good scribble.


  • fabric paints,
  • fabric markers,
  • and a nice sturdy cloth tote bag.

How do you like this design?

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