Broken Camera and Plant Cuttings

Broken Camera

An unfortunate camera, perched on unfortunate hands; broken auto focus, lens joint, light sensor, and the aperture is stuck wide as can be. Tremor. May not make for great photography, but it helps one to see.


Through tears of joy or sorrow, one arrives.


This was one succulent. Between the winter, and drawn shades, it grew tall and gangly; Tipped itself over—losing all its leaves.


I'd lost it; Favorite plant. In frustration, or exhaustion, I left the mess. Later, I planted the fallen bits. At first they struggled; Thought I'd lose them. After some time, careful watering, and lots of peeking, they sunk roots; All are doing well, and they almost have a ... family!

The plants could still die; Such is life. Past the worst, I suppose—reach to the sky!