As a child—art was my life raft.

Read about how art was kind to me as a child.

I had experienced something traumatic as a child. It made me fearful and anxious. Art made me well.

Origami and drawing became my life raft. They allowed me to make it through the school day. I drew during every class.

It helped me feel good... and pay better attention to the classwork. Some teachers didn't "get it." But I still did well in class.

Finding Happiness

Art was my life as a child, and how I dealt with my pain. It's how I overcame bipolar disorder as an adult too.

It's art that makes me happy. Pills and therapy do help, but they are not happiness.

Medicine and Happiness

Medicine is important for treating many mental illnesses.

Unfortunately psychiatry is still in the stone age. Due to less funding money many treatments are ineffective—and have a lot of awful side effects.

Medicine is still important though. If done right it helps us recover from illness—and it helps us search for meaning and happiness.

You have to open your mouth and complain about meds and dosages sometimes... and it takes a while to get right.

Like art, being treated with medication is a process and if you take medication you should get good at it.

The Right Idea

My 1st grade self knew what was up. Find what you love and do it!

Take care of yourself...Your way.