[ART SOUP:] A Mixture of Recent Styles and Effort

Check out recent changes and variety in my artwork!

My improvised creative process has changed a lot lately. The old ways had me creating oodles of fast sketches. I've calmed down a lot.

This one of Harry Potter is based on an official photo. Very different; A charicature of the wizard!

There's a lot more variety now (Like this cloth tapestry versus everything else.)

Observational Work

I began doing more observational art about a month ago. It makes up the minority of my drawings and paintings but did become a habit. For the most part these were still lifes of mundane objects—given character.

There are also a few based on portrait photos (like that Harry Potter painting.)

Level of Detail

The amount of detail (or visual complexity) is about the same—but it is more refined. I still feel like complexity takes away from my style. I wasn't happy about that crest on Harry Potter's Robe. I almost left it out.

I have gotten more picky about my lines. They'll never be perfect, but I'm willing to cover up and redo a line till I like it.

This next portrait shows off my old ways a bit more... but the lines feel less haphazard to me. I didn't rush off to the next piece.

"Sun Burn"; Portrait by Matt Vaillette, 2016

Improvised Creativity

I'm relying on serendipity and dynamism just as much as ever. I just feel less pressure to move on to the next piece. The action doesn't really pause when I'm working on a more refined illustration.

Those pauses in the drawing process really kill me. I don't like nitpicking; It's boring. So I don't.

"Wilfred Rockerpants", illustration by artist Matt Vaillette

"Wilfred Rockerpants" is a good example of how unexpected my creative process is. The piece took a while; It changed character, gender—everything about it changed near the end. In the last 5 minutes it went from nerdy girl in plaid to rockability dude in a black tank top.

Dimension and Depth

You may have noticed that some of those drawings had shading; That is new. I had kept everything flat before because I favored the process. Now that I'm more relaxed and taking my time I'm having tons of fun adding dimensionality to my art!

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