Art Experiments Help Me Beat Depression

Read about how I use novelty and excitement to wake up my brain!

Art is stimulating and healthy; I need it all year round. Especially during the depressive Winter season.

But this year I started to think of depression as something to conquer. It made me think about how I defeat creative burnout: Novelty!

The winter has become my season for artistic experimentation. Keep the dust off, and stay sane. That's how creatives beat burnout.

I try new things when I'm feeling down. It works! It also expanded my creativity and artistic skills.


I created this sketchbook to get me trying new things. It's a newsletter, but I don't care about my subscriber count. It's a success if it gets me doing novel artwork. You can subscribe here!

Since starting that I've gained an interest in still life drawing and I've created a couple stop-motion animations (Seen here.)

The frames were painted with water using an "Enso" buddha board.

A Positive Side

Being bipolar still stinks. Depression stinks. The psychiatric treatments are pretty awful and ineffective.

But there's a positive side: I stay ahead of the depression by being more creative!

Does depression make you more creative?

Talk about it in the comments!