Art Journal #6: A Positive Turn of Art (and Events)

"I love. I do not understand." by artist Matt Vaillette.

Read about our hero defeating the flu in order to... draw some really happy art!

My artwork is as positive as ever—even though I have the flu to go with my depression. I put together 5 happy-weird illustrations at time of writing this (best ones are at the bottom imo!!)

Art Style

Over-the-top love and absurdity. These are much like my artwork a year or two ago (at the time I very happy and healthy!)

The Weirdness

Life is weird so the art must be weird. Think about it: Even the most familiar bits of reality are more odd than not. A squirrel? A goldfish? The person you know the most? They are aesthetically more familiar than the deepest, darkest ocean—but still odd.

I dare say that if you don't find the world strange, you're probably not paying attention!

This Makes Me Happy!

Creating art like this really makes me happy! Even just drawing silly hearts on everything improves my mood. It completely changes the expression and anchors my thoughts on something positive.

"State of mind and a mystics neck", illustration by Matt Vaillette

Remember: I'm real sick right now. It's very easy for me to just stomp around angry and miserable (I know because that's what I did for the past month.)


With all these hearts, it's not hard to appear energetic (even with the flu.) I wasn't even boopin' and boppin' to music when I drew these.

More Artwork

Here are the rest of the illustrations. Click on 'em to fullscreen them!

Thanks for the look!

Hooray. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!! If you have feedback please leave a comment below.

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