Furthering My Glitch Art Inspired Process

The Glitch aesthetic is neat, sure. And for me, it's still fresh. But I get bored quickly. So I started using glitch art techniques to generate new ideas. Sketching with code and randomness!


What? So it's like this: I give a simple drawing to my computer, and tell it to go crazy. Then it spits out a bunch of random variations based on my sketch. They're usually pretty crazy, or repetitive, but sometimes just a recolor.


So I've got a folder full of surreal glitchy art scraps. So what do I do with an endless supply of unique images (most of which are not very good)?!

Some I draw on, and tweak, to produce an unusual illustration.


Both of these (above) were based on the same initial drawing. The computer spat out about 20 variations, and I selected 3 or 4 to branch out with.


Sometimes, looking through my scraps will inspire a new piece... from scratch! Like this one (above.) The inspiration for this was much less tame, as you'd expect from glitch art.


And rarely, code spits out glitchy images that are interesting without any additional work.

Hope You Like It!

Leave me a comment with your thoughts! 8^)