My Art Is A Farce. [Creativity]

The punchline to this article is in this drawing.

People tell me what to create. How to create. Or just not to create. All because—I'm "bad." They missed the point.

Music, poetry, or art: My best creations are made to be "bad." People regurgitate my creative intent as an insult. The tone is annoying, but they're really just stating the obvious.

Why make "bad" creations? The answer to that has changed a lot. Right now I feel strongly about this explanation:

"People take every single thing too seriously. It's natural—and not healthy. So I try to play the role of the joker—and my artistic, poetic, and musical creations are some of my jokes. Some people take them too seriously, and as a joker, I find that hilarious."

Thanks for reading! Check out some recent artwork in another post or on my 'work' page.