2 Funny Games That Involve Fork Mechanics

Pixel art forks like in the games.

Read about the silly game prototypes I made!

I made a couple game prototypes the other day. The first is a comical take on eating peas. An exaggeration of reality that made me laugh! The other is mostly just odd.

Neither have a lot of point, besides imagination. I enjoy that.

Fork The Peas!

(Video below) The way you fork peas is kind of unfair. You can't. Instead they fly in random direciton when they touch your fork. Kinda like real peas. But worse. Here's a comedic video of the action:

Play now in your browser.

The ending! Haha. See? I like to imagine this takes place at a fancy dinner. You're dressed up. Peas are scattered all over everything and everyone.

It may not technically be a game. More like an interactive toy. Either way it makes me giggle!

Spaghetti Eater 2000

Later that day I worked on "Spaghetti Eater 2000." It has a lifelike noodle simulator, and 4 colors. This one also failed hilariously... but in a creepy way.

The mouth chomps automatically like a wind up toy. Use the fork to guide those noodles upwards. When you get close the mouth slurrrrrps them up!

My favorite detail of this is subtle. When the noodles enter the mouth they twirl around for a couple seconds. Sometimes it forms a ball of noodles!

Thanks for reading!

Hope you laughed! Stay tuned for more strange game concepts.