On Learning to Create Videogame People

Sick of violent videogames. Bored of games that are only a challenge.
I want quirky, casual, fun titles: Stardew Valley, Katamari Damacy, Animal Crossing, and so on.

Sos I began learning how to create people in videogames. Personalities. The ultimate goal is procedural generation; Pseudo-random people, societies, relationships, species, and stories. People based gameplay!


My interest is no fluke. All the game ideas I have involve people. Even the neat sci-fi adventures. They're not about explosions. Always hinging on hoards of unique social stuff. Things I would rather emerge naturally (not scripted stories.)

Kinda like Star Trek. Those shows are about spirit, personality, and people coming together. Not explosions. And you never know what you'll encounter! Humanoids, fishoids, whateveroids. And the people that make up those varied societies.

Wish me well on this journey. I will need it!

Thanks for reading!

Don't eat too much watermelon. It's not as big as it looks on screen.

Fork some peas with a fork. It's a pointless game I made some time ago!