Art Games: My New Creative Interest

A pixel art drawing of some lady.

I got into game making. Few months ago. I wanted to make something different. Its taken time to get my bearings: Making videogames requires a lot of different skills.

I almost gave up a few times. The coding frustrated me. My health frustrated me. Being away from art frustrated me. I had no direction for months.

Chasing success spoils creativity. I didn't feel like typical indie development for cash was a good idea. The thought makes me anxious. Game markets are at least as harsh as art.

Then I read a paper on "Art Games". Art games are what I want to do. Interactive creations that are made to be artistic or good for the world. They're often free. Passage is a good example.

Now I'm drawing again. I'm learning about music, programming, and oodles more as I expand into this new purpose. Most of all, I have my creative direction back. It's really darn important!!

Thanks for the read!

Toss some feedback in the comments! I'm going for a more practical writing style (For you and me!)