Trump Jump: A Video Game About Walls

Can you make it to the USA?

The Game

Early screenshot of Trump Jump.

I've been working on a satirical video game called Trump Jump. In it you jump over walls (on the Mexico/US border) while a one-eyed Donald Trump monster harasses you. He also spits out nonsensical lines from his speeches.

There's an overly supportive clap track to cheer for his hate.

One of my preliminary photo-collages of Trump!

One of my preliminary photo-collages of Trump!

Trump Monster Inspiration

The one-eyed Trump was inspired by fantasy lore. In games like World of Warcraft and Dungeons & Dragons it is called a "floating eye", "evil eye", or often "beholder." Sometimes they shoot lasers out their eyeball.

They are terrifyingly evil.

I don't like Trump.

I don't enjoy politics—but I find Trump to be outwardly evil. Hateful. Dangerous. He's left no more room for subtelty in most discussions—so all that's left to do is mock him and his clap track.

This is the first time I worked on a game... but I've hated on Trump before. I call him an "Ugly Little Hate Machine".