I'm Disabled; Bipolar; Digital Art is Accessible to Me.

Digital art makes me happy!

I'm a disabled artist—and I find digital art to be the most accessible artistic medium. Here's why:

I'm bipolar; Usually depressed—impaired focus, low energy, and hey... I am pretty creative! Art comes naturally to me—but often I'm quite ill and existing is too much (let alone thinking, organizing, or loading brushes!)

If I can get into flow (heightened focus) I'll feel really good. That'll turn a bad mood into a blissful one pretty fast. Art does this for me (as well as video games... and now writing.) Digital art improves my mental state the most though; It allows me to express myself most freely.

So Digital Allows Me to Focus Better

With digital media I can just sit down and create something. One pen, one screen, one goal. I don't have to think about art supplies. I don't have to plan anything to feel effective ( I do not plan my digital works.) I just create freely with every bit of focus and energy that I currently have.

Digital gets me right into flow. Right into healing.  As mentioned: My mood goes from sour to happy...my energy improves... and I can think clearly again! (These benefits last much of the day.) No medications have those bragging rights.

Physical Media is Kinda Okay

Physical media art is another story. It too can be a healing experience. It too can be fun, and focused. Often times its not though. It's very inconsistent. Works on canvas and paper involve many more steps, leaving me distracted or frustrated.

Don't get me wrong; Photoshop has a lot of moving parts... but I can ignore most of them until I need them. In all its complexity, my digital art process is simpler than a pencil and paper. For me It's simpler than the most basic of artistic media.

Even during a good mixed media session much of my time is spent managing "other stuff" like planning, handling materials, and taking actions that are much faster on the computer. It's not convenient—and it doesn't feel like free expression (as I define it!)

But I'm not just some guy who decided to get a Wacom one day. I'd been using visual art since kindergarten to manage stress, anxiety, and my very own mental illness. I've been doing this my whole life. When I tried using digital art to do the same thing it was clearly better (for me!)... Almost from the very beginning.

Actual Hatred for Digital Artists (what)

There's a reason I wrote "Digital Art is Actually Really Art"! It's not because digital art isn't in vogue. Trend and fashion has little to do with that post.

It has to do with fallacy, personal attacks, anger, and what feels sometimes like pure hatred. To a vocal minority I am an enemy because of the artistic tools I use to express myself. The attacks come in ALL CAPS; They are laced with curses—and blame me for the downfall of art.

What causes someone to be so hateful over artistic practices? Got me! It's as silly as it is real (and it's equally frustrating.) 

I'm just here to be happy and healthy; To do what I love. You know—artist things.

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