I Imagined This Original Acrylic Painting (in Photoshop)

Come see how I combined digital media with paints on canvas!

The other day I created a portrait painting on canvas—but I started by drawing it on the computer.

The original acrylic painting on canvas. Matt Vaillette, 2016.

The Digital Drawing

It's meant to serve as inspiration. A sketch...but more.

I created a full-color mock-up in Photoshop. This would serve as the foundation for my portrait on canvas. Obviously they're not identical.

The process is similar to my other digital drawings... and what appears in my art hunts.

the digital art mock-up

Applying the Paint

The painting process was unusually easy. Whenever I had a problem with the composition the digital sketch sorted it out. It also kept me focused on an approximate final result! Physical media art (especially paintings) tend to get away from me but that didn't happen.

I applied the paint in two phases. The whole process only took a few minutes if you discount paint drying.

First I put down the black lines and pink background. I mostly used squeeze bottles (like in this artwork,) but also used fingers and brushes.

Second I added light details in yellow and blue paint. I also modified some black likes to sculpt the flow and personality of the piece.

Aside from being unsigned it's ready to hang, unstretched! Personalities are never complete.

My Feelings About This Process

Success! I like this more than I thought I would. Having a digital mock-up of an image didn't limit my improvisation (I thought it would.) Instead I could relax as it guided me gently through the painting process.

It's nice to use digital tools while avoiding digital printing. Now I have a good quality alternative to giclee prints.

Oh yea...and... ORIGINAL ART YAY!

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