I Created Quirky Portrait Art with Paint & Squeeze Bottles!

Check out this quirky portrait I made using acrylic paint in squirt bottles!

A quirky portrait in acrylic paint on canvas.

The portrait on an uncut canvas roll.

I created this portrait recently. I was in a funk (migraine) but determined to finish a piece of fine art that day!

I started painting on an uncut roll of canvas; No plans, no dimensions, no sketches. I just wanted to paint a portrait.

After filling some squirt bottles with acrylic paint—I started adding the initial lines. Black lines. My icky mental state left me with no patience, so I just kept painting (black, red, yellow paints in squirt bottles) without waiting for anything to dry.

The artwork was finished quickly, but I wasn't happy with it. I'm not sure I'd be happy with anything during a migraine, so I left it alone. The next day my painting was dry.

Cutting it close

I cut the image off the roll of canvas—making sure to leave enough extra so that I could stretch it over stretcher bars. Unfortunately even before I cut it, the edge of the painting was close to the edge of the canvas.

Stuff like this happens when you don't plan artwork. It's all part of the creative process.

Why The Extra Space Matters

When you're stretching canvas onto the supports you need a couple inches to grab onto.

This usually isn't an issue because many artists do a lot of planning, and can anticipate needed space. I don't know of many artists who paint on uncut rolls without a plan though!

Anyways: If there's not enough room you end up having to change the picture... or you need to find some alternative presentation.

It's not the end of the world.. and it also won't come up very often when I have more experience with physical media! Most of my experience at this point is with digital media.

What I'll Do Better Next Time

Hindsight is 20/20, and I have no regrets... but next time I'm going to be more mindful of the space around my images.

This has been a consistent issue lately because I'm coming from digital. With digital art you can crop, recrop, recolor—and do whatever you want if you have the know how.

I'm just happy to create something; The past couple days have been crippling (migraines, fatigue, etc) so I'll take any small artistic victories!

Mix Up Your Art!

Your task: Change your creative process or the tools you use. It may be painful—but it'll also lead to a lot of creative growth.

Don't just practice what you know... Learn what you don't know!