Fiction By Some Artist. (It's based on reality.)

Read this quirky, fictional piece based on the facts of how I created one piece of art.

I started, one day, drinking a dark brew to some ear music. It was coffee, and the whole shebang created a lot of good vibes. At least I thought they were good vibes, and reality faded away. Into a mix of sharp colors I went.

When it stopped, I found myself surrounded by electronic music and people with extra arms (for coffee.) The music was substantial and chirped at me before giving some much needed extra room.

In front of me, a strange screen of sorts. To the rhythm I thought. And looked. Soon after the most recent subdivision I made my mark. The first one anyways (marks do not like to be last.) To each beat another, and another, until the strangest thing happened! 

Screeching sidewards, or was it frontly? I heard, "HEATHEN YOU MUST NEVER CEASE!" It was a strange monk, of course. Regular monks don't speak like that. None that I had met anyways.

"I PRESENTS YOU WITH DOCTRINE," and a scroll began reaching towards me. Like, it had hands. Really big hands. Scrolls generally do not fly, but they can reach.

"I SHALL READ THE SCROLL!" she said before pointing to a list of rules. The monk didn't intend to read it at all. I think she may have had too much of that music before her arrival.

Very neatly written, in very tiny writing it said:

  • 1 unit of art is 4.3 units of art.
  • You may not stop if you are tired.
  • You may not stop if you are sore.
  • You may stop when your computer runs out of memory, but we won't like it.
  • If in rapture (defined by 2nd doctrine) you may only stop after 3 days. 

Needless to say, I was confused by this entire experience.

Thanks for the read!

Haha. I appreciate it! I don't often write fiction. I found this surrealist inspired process to be quite therapeutic.