Art Journal 5: I can no longer use a paint brush :(

I tried to start painting again today, as I was prepping for. I got my original reference ready. I laid down some basic shapes, and began.

You Shall Not Pass.

Due to my health I can no longer use a paint brush. My hand tremors have gotten worse. I'm not just talking about messy brush strokes. It's pure chaos; I cannot convey any information with a paint brush.

I know you're thinking "But I saw that disabled surfer. If he can do it anyone can!" I love those videos. But if you're not disabled they're libel to distort your reality. Not everyone can do everything—and not everyone wants to do something even if they (technically) can.

Paint brushes are 100% useless to me now.

Why are paint brushes so difficult?

Several reasons.

The tip of a pen, pencil, or stylus touches the surface. This creates drag and stabilizes the part that draws. 

My Wacom allows me to stabilize my hand on the drawing surface. It's harder to do that if you want to avoid smudging wet paint, pastels, ink, lead, and so on.

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