Art Journal #4: Creating Art From My Recliner!

A pen and colored pencil drawing by artist Matt Vaillette.

I've been creating art in a big comfy recliner. I'm using a pen, paper, and colored pencils (pretty humble art supplies.) All while watching my favorite show. It gives me a nice easy art buzz!

I made the change because I'm still burnt out and sick. Little else was working, and I feel a strong avoidance to Photoshop right now. Pushing myself will make it worse. Also, you know, I wanted a reason to watch Star Trek: Deep Space Nine for the Nth time.

How Its Different

The recliner process is unplanned like everything else, but it plays out differently. The most obvious thing is it's much... slower. So it takes me longer to create portraits.

I have to build up my marks. The colored pencils are very hard. Even a heavy handed mark is pretty unsubstantial. It's not good or bad—just different (which is why I say everyone should practice using bad art supplies sometimes!)

What else? None of these supplies have good coverage. This too is the polar opposite of my digital tools. In Photoshop I can erase, cover, remove, obliterate, any pixels I want, instantly.

A portrait drawn by Matt Vaillette, 2016. Colored pencils and pen on paper.

And yea, since I can't just erase whatever I want it forces me to solve visual puzzles differently. Which means, again, slower art. I have to stop and think more carefully about how I'm going to use those random marks I just made.

The Art Buzz

Drawing casually in a recliner gives me a consistent art buzz. Even if I'm in an awful mood, tired, etc, as I have been lately. Even on a pretty bad day I can get relaxed and elevate my mood drawing like this.

Note: This is cheaper than beer, more relaxing than beer, healthier than beer, and it leaves my mental faculties intact or better. Beer makes me crazy too. Sorry beer.

More Drawings

Here are more that I drew recently while watching TV.

Thanks for the look!

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