Art Journal #2: Fixing My Creative Burnout

Read my artists journal. This entry is about creative burnout, and the variety I added to my day today to beat it.

Yesterday I started showing signs of creative burnout. I've been burned out for a while. So I started experimented with other creative processes and activities.

First Art Attempt

A strange mixed up orange face drawing. Matt Vaillette, 2016

A strange mixed up orange face drawing. Matt Vaillette, 2016

First I drew this strange mixed up orange face. Started getting brain fog halfway through the drawing (quick drawing.) It was too alike what I'm burned out on. I wasn't inspired by drawing this.

To The Couch!

I changed my attitude—and location. Sitting on the couch with a mobile tablet (Samsung Galaxy Note) allowed me to have a lot more fun. I was watching that PBS show Arthur during these drawings. This was early A.M. the night before writing.

A Break From Drawing

I shot some apparel photography for a project me and K are working on. It actually improved my mood a lot and made me feel creative—even though I was shooting jewelry, clothes, etc.. It also proved to me that I can still think clearly and create things (I was convinced there was something permanently wrong with my brain after the duration of this struggle.)

I've been doing this for a couple days.

Drawing With My Wacom

After shooting photos I decided to give the Wacom a try. To my surprise, I had a lot of ideas in my head. So many I couldn't draw fast enough. That's a good problem to have (my favorite problem, really.)

And I was happy. I could feel feelings. Woohoo! Until a brutal string of 6 Spotify commercials came on. I promptly resubscribed to their premium service. Those commercials turn off my creative momentum and annoy me.

My Appetite For Familiar Creative Work

I still can't handle much familiarity in my projects. I get tired, restless, and annoyed after not long. At least I know its part of my current problem; Now I can pay attention to when I've had enough, and focus on adding more variety to my life.

Thanks for the read!!

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