Got My Creative Energy Back Today! [Visual Art]

Read about how I got my creative energy back!

I got my art jive back. I've been rusty due to creative burnout and mental health problems. I've been working hard to be more creatively engaged—and today it worked out!

How it happened:

I started around 6pm after a nice afternoon with K (gf) and L (cat). I put some electronic music on and started drawing. But I kept getting frustrated, seeing errors, and scrapping my drawings.

I felt good mentally, so I was determined to fix the problem today if possible. No telling when I'd feel okay again.

"There is music in this picture" by Matt Vaillette, 2016

A problem of mindset

The problem was my mindset, not my drawing muscles or creative potential. Traditionally I'd just draw stuff verrry fast; Very little expectations for each mark or shape. Nothing was considered a mistake, or error. It was a matter of moving forward and solving visual problems creatively on the fly.

I got myself to think like that again by drawing nonsense. I needed to be silly. I was taking myself too seriously.


Soon after I had fixed the attitude problem. I was dancing and drawing to the music. "Feeling it." And the art was moving forwards again. I was having fun.

"You're not as bad as you think", drawing by artist Matt Vaillette.

Now the artwork?

It's so much looser and more dynamic than other recent art. I feel much better about these creations. It has much better energy.

NOTE: See the rest of what I made at the bottom of this post.

Feeling better!!!

As mentioned here I've been struggling with bipolar depression for a while. An hour of creating art like this put me in a great mood. I haven't been in a "great mood" in a long time.

Tomorrow will still be difficult but if I can get manage some quality creative time every day it'll improve my health a lot.

Thanks for reading!

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More artwork from today:

Here's the rest of what I made on this day!