How Bullying Limits Your Creativity and Happiness

Read how you can limit your creativity and happiness by bullying others—and being judgmental!

I was not harmed by this. The art-troll's behavior is a talking point; I come across this often.

What Happened:

This was during my first art auction.

  1. An angry creative person tried to bully me.
  2. I didn't care.
  3. Deborah Squires had a killer comeback.
  4. I made this post.

My Facebook Art Auction, January 8th 2016

Bullying is Bad for Bullies

Even if you don't care about anyone's feelings—or you're having an asshole moment—This behavior is bad for you.

When we judge others it tends to make us feel badly or more unrealistic about ourselves. It doesn't give us an advantage. It tears us down.

Creative Implications

That art troll has the title of a creative person... yet he apparently lives inside of a tiny box with a list of reasons why something isn't art.... or it's not good enough.

Or why an artist is quote "shit"

The attitude tells me that bully likely puts too much stock in perceived artistic skill. Thinking this way limits your creative potential. I expect it'd knock your skillfulness down a few pegs too. He cares too much.

He's Missing Something...

There's a lot of reasons why a painting, poem, or song exists. When I hear experienced artists talk about why they make art ... I never hear that they "make art to be skillful." Many seem to not even think about it.

Some Reasons I Make Art:

The norm I see is an art bully (or anyone who's hyper-critical) is likely to miss out on most of the story. There is no meaning if all you care about is lines being how you want them to be.

Not Good Enough

How is a creative person supposed to be optimally creative with so many negative, exclusive ideas about creativity??

"They", "art bullies" are handicapping themselves by approaching creative stuff in this manner.

But Bullying Isn't Funny

Trolling is scientifically linked to some of the worst personality traits in humans (Nacissism, Psychopathy, Sadism.) Well then...

So even though "art trolls" don't scratch the surface of anything I care about... They're reinforcing some dangerous behaviors in themselves doing what may seem harmless.

Next Time You See Bullying.

Stand up for somebody—in a super respectful way! Even if you think they got it.