Bidding is OPEN!!!!! (Friday)

My first item up for auction starts today, friday January 8th 2016. A mixed media tapestry!!

This post is for a recent past auction. Read about a future auction here! (The January 15th art auction)

Today we're auctioning this cloth tapestry; An original mixed media portrait by Matt Vaillette!

It was painted in January of 2016—using fabric paints and fabric markers. The edges were hand sewn with an overlock stitch using black embroidery thread.

The unusual piece is roughly 22x27" making it a great conversation piece!

It's signed and dated in the top left: "MATT VAILLETTE 2016".

Care instructions: Hand wash. Hang or lay flat to dry.

Auction Rules

  • The auction runs from start to 7pm.
  • HAVE FUN. Or else. :)

I mean it about having fun. Start a conversation in the comments! (It's not just for bidding.)

How to Bid

  • Bidding happens in the auction post on my facebook page.
  • Type in your bid amount in the comments and beat the last person!
  • When the auction closes the highest bidder wins!

Bid Increment: 25 cents

Please bid in 25 cent increments. You can beat the last person by 0.25, 0.50, 0.75, 1.50 and so on...but not in single pennies.

What Do I Pay?

Your bid—plus any shipping costs.

Join Us!!

I expect to be at my computer most of the day. Start up a conversation, joke around, and bring your memes!!