Art Auction This Friday... Be There ♥

Announcement: My first art auction is this friday!! Come, have fun, and bid if you'd like!

Update, January 8th: BIDDING HAS BEGUN! (on my fb page!)

Illustration depicting art auction information.

My first art auction! It's happening on 1/8/2016; This friday on my facebook page . I'm hoping you show up!

The Artwork

This portrait is up for bidding. It's a beautiful cloth tapestry on cotton fabric depicting a woman.

The cloth tapestry up for auction.

  • Original portrait by Matt Vaillette
  • Fabric paints & fabric markers
  • 21x27" on fabric
  • Signed and dated "matt vaillette 2016", top left.
  • Care Instructions: Hand wash. Hang or lay flat to dry.

How it works

  1. I make the auction post on my facebook page.
  2. You post your bids in the comment.
  3. People have fun and joke around!!!
  4. When the bidding is closed the highest bidder wins!

Starting Bid

Five dollars! ($5)

Bid Increments

  • Bids happen in 25 cent increments.
  • You beat the next person by more than that...
  • (for instance 0.25, 0.50, 1.50, 2.75 etc)

Auction Duration

I'll be announcing a winner around 7pm. Will try to make it 7pm on the nose.

"What do I pay?"

Your bid plus any shipping costs.

Shipping or Pickup

If you'd like to pick it up: I live on Water St in Leominster. I'm free from around 10a to 5p most days. Talk to me and see if it'll work out.

Also shipping from Leominster, MA, USA, 01453 in a large envelope.

What if the winner backs out?

Eeep! Then the next person in line wins!

Come comment!! Even if you don't bid. =]

I want this to be a fun social thing. Like my page and be around on Friday ♥

Please join in and joke around. =]