Matt's Creative Journal #1 (2016-1-3)

Read the first entry of my journal about creative things!

I haven't journaled in a while... but I'm finding it helpful—and creativity enhancing! I figured I would try a "creative journal blog entry."

Cloth Tapestry

Unfinished overlock stitching on this painted tapestry.

I got started early in the morning! I wanted to finish this tapestry by the night.

I did some test crops on the computer—then snip snip!! I decided on an overlock stitch. Happy with how it looks!!!

The tapestry with unfinished edge stitching.

I ran out of black embroidery thread. Woops! I had a feeling I wouldn't make it. It'll have to be finished in a day or two.

Selling Art

Been thinking about this more lately. I could do a better job at getting my art out there. Lately the problem has been depression and apathy.

I know you want some art! I'm gonna try harder at this—without being too grabby grabby money hands!!!!!

Art Auction

"Art" ready to unveil the next piece for auction!!!
by Matt Vaillette, 2016

I've written a little about the art auctions I want to hold on my facebook page . I'm hoping to start by this coming friday. (I'll decide soon.)

Today I baked some ideas about "Art" the auctioneer. I want him to be a fun and vibrant part of the auctions!

"Art" the auctioneer. The main character of my art auctions.
by Matt Vaillette, 2016

I just want the whole thing to be funsies.

My Shop

I want it to be like window shopping. A new arrangement regularly. Not too many things though.

I added 3 prints today—and removed some too. Some are recent, others from years past.

Pusheen & Squid photos

I took some photos of Squid attached to Pusheen's head. Its like she has flowing red hair!!

Very silly.

There's also some stop-motion cells that I have to assemble into an animation. I'm saving that for another day.

Almost Bedtime

I thrive in the night and morning when everything is quiet. Unfortunately if I go to bed after 7pm I'll probably be grouchy tomorrow.

So that's it for now. Hope you enjoyed this! I did.

Oh and check out those prints on my shop!!