[How I Art] as Seen in This Chart!

Let me demystify my creative process for you!

I create improvised art;

It's all execution, and my planning goes towards improving my process. I don't plan artwork.

My primary goal is to give myself "interest stuff to look at." Scribbles, wild colors, and energy. These visual go on to inspire me to create finished art from the mess.

A chart depicting my creative process.

In a way it's like gazing at tea leaves or clouds. I'm looking for visual problems, solutions, and meaning in utter nonsense.

All those tea leaves—or sketches are included in the finished work.

My Creative Steps

In the beginning

I need to get something down on the canvas. Anything. I need something to look at... so I scribble.

Then I alternate between scribbling and cleaning things up. I'm nudging the marks in search of inspiration. I do this from start to finish.

Nothing is final.

A lot of work is created AND destroyed throughout the process.

The color palette

changes wildly till I'm done. Staying flexible has its advantages, and color is complicated... so this is one of the last things I finalize.


I don't like being locked into a specific dimension when I start a piece either. I use handmade viewfinders to constantly peek at potential compositions.


It takes a lot of energy to leave everything up in the air...

But all this flexibility gives me a lot of control. If I'm not happy with how something is coming out... then I have any number of tools to redefine it—and I do.

I take bigger and bigger risks

when I'm not happy with a piece. I'll even go so far as to white out half of, or cut up a near-finished piece to incorperate in the next one. (However less drastic actions usually get the job done.)

The goal

of my process is to teach me to see opportunities—and choose one.

As someone with depression—I tend to not see opportunities when I'm down. Creating art like this every day has taught me to look harder. There's always a better way!

And constantly choosing one of those ways was always a hassle. I've always been obsessive (a perfectionist). I would be paralyzed by the fear of making the wrong choice.

But in my art I constantly make the wrong choice—only to learn that my error uncovered something unique and new.

Now Go Improvise!!!!

Create something that you're passionate about without a plan. Sputter around with paints or sound or words until you're bored!

And write about it in the comments!

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