Everyone is Weird ... Just Like in My Art!

See how uniquely awesome we all are (WEIRDISM!)

You are weird.

I am weird. Everyone is weird weird.

We may be one human race—but we're all different. Thank goodness...and not just because weirdality is fun and interesting.

A happy dancer, 2016

But lets talk identity.

I know who I am... because I've compared myself to everything/everyone I've come across. As far as humans go I am X, Y, Z, etc.

If we were all 10% less different you would have a much weaker idea of who you are. Maybe?

Weird musician! by Matt Vaillette, 2016

Sure, parts of our identities are formed by being alike other groups or people...but if we were all alike, being alike wouldn't really mean much. Not in an "I" sense.

Funky funkmaster guy, by Matt Vaillette 2016

I create art

to show us these differences... and also celebrate them! It's about kindness...not in light of our differences—but because of them.

You weirdo!! =)

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