Get a Piece of My Art FREE at Shataro Today!

Today I left free art at Shataro Art Studio—for visitors to take home!

The address is:

106 Carter St, #7
in the Carter and Johnson bldg
Leominster, MA
(google maps)

There's 6 pieces in all

  • Two Earth prints—as seen here
  • Two originals on wood
  • Two originals on canvas board

What's Shataro?

Shataro Art Studio is a place where creative people show and sell work. It's like a gallery... with more! And it's run by local creatives!

I went to the opening party for their first show. I had lots of fun! And I generally don't like social events... but the people were great and the art was great.

And everybody was friendly and interesting.

Go Visit!

Be one of the first few to get a free piece of art by me!

Directions to Shataro Art Studio