Often My Art is "Bad" on Purpose. (Note the quotes)

What do I mean by bad anyways? Come read!

Here I define "bad" as anything that is not recognized as good, skillful, beautiful, and so on; Low value right now. Badness is based on trends not some ultimate truth about quality.

Animation of a "bad" artist creating "bad" art.

In that first glance my goal is to horrify, surprise, or delight the viewer. It's a challenge to you and I.

The Challenge

Will anyone enjoy something made out of junky pieces? My visual vocabulary was/is based on scribbles, clashing colors, and unusual juxtapositions; The images were/arestrange.

"Bad" For IMPACT!

When you don't care—you can be free and novel; Novelty and freedom are enough.

People often look at my ugly art and say "WOW, that's amazing!" I make impactful, creative, interesting art that people enjoy—even if you don't enjoy it. Even if you're an art bully.

No Limits

Creating badness on purpose allowed me to create an incredibly free creative process. I'm not bound by anything but my own feelings—and physical limitations.

Some of my most successful pieces happened in very counter-intuitive ways. Super-fast. Some of my 20-30 second scraps were Tumblr Radar'd (featured on Tumblr) and seen by potentially millions.

This is what I get for creating bad art.

YOU! Make some bad art on purpose.

Try it! It's a ton of fun and you'll learn a lot.

Make sure you tell me about it!